Being sent to John key, on behalf of the National Day:


On behalf of many disappointed New Zealanders who will be protesting parts of the current welfare reforms, I respectfully invite Mr Key to attend one of the many protest actions to be held around the country at 1pm on Friday the 5th of October, 2012.

To that end, I would like to know where Mr Key is scheduled to be around that time, so that contact can be made with the protest group in that area, to organise a time for Mr Key to speak about the decisions made, to answer some questions, and to take on feedback from affected groups. It is hoped that the feedback he receives will be constructive, and can assist in altering the suggested changes to become more workable and acceptable to those affected.

I anticipate that this activity should take only an hour of Mr Key’s time, plus travel. Although the protest action is scheduled to begin at 1pm, some flexibility is available for Mr Key’s attendance.

Kind regards,

The National Day of Action Against Welfare Reforms

ps: For the sake of clarity and openness, I would like to mention that this e-mail, and any responses, will probably be copied (in full) onto the protest action’s website for public viewing and comment.

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